"Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux & money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected."
George Soros

Welcome to Johnson's Global Advisors Automated investing

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our firm, Johnson's Global Advisors. JGA happens to be an African American owned emerging boutique registered investment advisor firm. We works with clients on a discretionary as well as on a non discretionary basis. JGA is a State registered investment advisor registered with the Nevada - Securities Division office of the Secretary of State. JGA covers individual clients small and mid sized businesses as well as institutional clients.

Clients such as public pension funds, endowments and fortune 500 corporations domestically and globally, principally with an index/ETF market space mandate. JGA's objective is to build long term client relationships strive to achieve superior risk adjusted alpha with strategic risk targeted optimized portfolios. Our services includes SMA's-Separately Managed Accounts, Roth IRA, traditional IRA, Self Directed IRA, Solo 401k, 401(k), 457, SIMPLE IRA, Self-directed IRA, 401K plans, 403B plans as well as annuities products on a fee basis only.

We are targeted to investors seeking to:

  • Achieve the best possible maximum rate of return relative to the degree of risk using customized tailored portfolios.
  • Minimize investment taxes and cost.
  • Remove emotion from the decision making process.
  • Avoid the risk and broad distractions of individual stocks.
  • Diversify across a board asset class.
  • Emphasize asset allocation.

JGA provides an automated investment program available to our clients who open or maintain brokerage accounts at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ("CS&Co"), an affiliate of SPT. Through our automated platform, of a minimum investment of $5,000.00 we provide JGA's clients with a range of investment strategies. Each investment strategy consists of a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds, as well as an FDIC insured cash allocation. We have contracted with SPT to provide us with the technology platform and related trading and account management services for our program.

This platform enables us to make our program available to JGA's clients online and includes a system that automates certain key parts of our investment process, such as determining our client's investment objectives, risk tolerance, an appropriate investment strategy, and managing client's portfolio through automated re-balancing. We create our investment strategies by choosing from among hundreds of ETFs that are available on the CS&Co trading platform.

For clients who enroll in our program, JGA performs the following duties:

  • Construct the range of available portfolios.
  • Determine the appropriateness of our program for the client.
  • Recommend and select a portfolio for each client.
  • Monitor the ongoing appropriateness of the portfolio for each client.

At our direction, the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios platform will automatically trade and re-balance portfolios when they drift from the targeted asset allocation by a defined amount. Portfolios are held in a brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ("CS&Co"), an affiliate of Schwab Performance Technologies.

JGA has developed a suite of portfolios using our expertise and philosophy, that are available for you to invest in online or on your mobile device. Our firm has selected the funds for these portfolios based on our independent research and industry experience. In just a few minutes, you will receive a recommended portfolio from our firm based on a few questions that assess your investment goals and risk tolerance. We will confirm, review and adjust your portfolio based on our knowledge of your overall investment objectives, and will continue to monitor it based on your needs.

We have chosen to work with Schwab Performance Technologies to provide the software, technology and platform to help us complete trading, re-balancing and tax loss harvesting for your account. We have also chosen to work with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as custodian for your account because it provides the Schwab Security Guarantee so you can feel confident that your personal and financial information is protected.

SchwabSafe, a collection of security measures, designed to keep your personal and financial information safe online.

Click here Institutional Intelligent Portfolio to get started. You may also download the IIP mobile app.

Please note, there are no minimums dollar amounts to get started at opening an account with JGA's in our regular account opening process, through our custodian relationship at Charles Schwab and Vanguard Advisors. Simply contact us and we will be delight the aid you in that process.

Certified DBE and SBE Nevada Unified Certification Program (NUCP).

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